Dana Masters

Dana Masters was born and raised in the Deep South of the United States into a family that pioneered and was deeply involved in the civil rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's. The granddaughter of a celebrated civil rights activist, Dana left home at the age of 17 to start a life in music.

She first resided in Minneapolis for 4 years where she worked with Prince's guitarist and then in Los Angeles where she performed with Kanye West. In LA she met and fell in love with a Northern Irishman and decided to take the plunge and make Ireland her home.

It was here in Ireland that a chance meeting with jazz trumpeter Linley Hamilton catapulted her into the world of the Irish jazz scene and whetted her appetite for the expression, freedom and musicality that jazz brought. With jazz infused with the music she grew up listening to (soul, funk, R&B, and gospel), she was able to tell not only her story, but the incredibly rich story of the women and men who raised her.

Soon Dana was asked to perform with Van Morrison and one show turned into a 6 year tour. Now back home, Dana is determined to put all of the experience, passion and creativity she has gathered over the past 6 years into a unique project that invites the listener not only to listen, but also to go behind the scenes of the Watching the songwriting, producing, arranging and rebirth of an artist as she emerges from the shadow of one of the world's most celebrated musicians to take her own stage and tell her story in her own words.



22:30 – 24:00

Dana Masters