Everything is EINS. and EINS. is everything. Everything that characterizes, inspires and moves the pianist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tobias Schmitz. The instrument cosmos of sound that he has created over the years and in encounters with a wide variety of genres, artists and art forms is a mixture of piano, electronic and ambient music.

In a very pictorial tonal language, influences and elements from pop music, modern classical music and jazz blur into a new whole. The boundary between live instrumentalist and DJ is becoming dissolved in wide, melancholic, but always hopeful pieces. In this way, atmospheric sound worlds and powerful rhythms can meet and meet at eye level.

EINS unfolds on stage and in front of an audience. its full potential. Energetically and rousingly performed, with courage for the small and big moments and a lot of room for improvisation and the beautiful coincidence, his compositions can always reappear in the light of the current day and build a bridge to the audience in a new way. The journey as a goal. The perfect in the unfinished.


Platz Lambertikirche

18:45 – 20:15



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