Esther Kaiser

The vocal artist and jazz vocalist Esther Kaiser has taken on a theme for her new album that - as with the widely praised previous album "Songs of Courage" - addresses an important aspect of our time, which is constantly in flux, in which nothing is more constant than the liquid, than the evaporation and liquefaction of everything solid and traditional: Water. Thus, even the musically and lyrically multifaceted theme of the album repeatedly finds its way back to pure clarity and lightness, despite the shimmering socio-political and climate-related dimension that Kaiser does not disregard in her cleverly nuanced approach. On this album, Kaiser transports listeners to a sound that is at once contemporary and urban, as well as to enraptured, almost fairy-like worlds of sound, thanks to the use of unusual sound sources such as the water-powered glass harp and extremely exciting musical guests.

"Esther Kaiser's texts are full of associations and analogies, often with current references, which in this case the subject of water provides in many respects" (Jazzthetik)

"The new production by Esther Kaiser sounds light and airy" (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

"Esther Kaiser has once again reinvented herself" (Jazzthing)

"Esther Kaiser does not make the serious situation sound morally acidic but poetic" (NDR Kultur)



18:45 – 20.15

Esther Kaiser