Les Brünettes

For Les Brünettes, 4 is much more than just a number: Four artists, singers, songwriters, and performers, all on equal footing, make up Les Brünettes. To our greatest delight, these confident young women found their own way: The female way of A cappella. Juliette Brousset, Stephanie Neigel, Julia Pellegrini and Lisa Herbolzheimer broke the chains and codes of a cappella. Four identities and personalities meet, criss-cross and come together. The outcome is entertaining, seductive, magical, just like life can be… and very feminin!

For their fourth album, Les Brünettes, dedicate themselves to their own songs and themes that matter to them: they talk about love for their children, for their lover, but also of losing self-love; sharing powerful moments from their lives, like maternity, childbirth, the desire to walk barefooted in the street, intense love stories or anecdotes made from #hashtags. They also question life beyond their own existence: What is freedom? What can be done with feelings of anger when faced with injustice, and to women in particular? Les Brünettes carry a message of activism to defend values that are dear to them, like environmental protection. And that’s why humour is still sometimes the best answer…

The four artists mix different genres: Funk rhythms and House-Beats meet Rap and Chanson, and mingle with elements of soul and pop-music. What do all the tracks have in common? Groooove!! They do beatbox and body percussion: you’ll hear their hands, their feet, their fingers snaping and even…. Kisses!

Vier Freundinnen, die sich in- und auswendig kennen, vier Meinungen, die nicht immer zusammenkommen und trotzdem nebeneinander funktionieren. Ohne Chefin, ohne Tonangeberin.
Without doubt, this unusual concept for a group is what makes and keeps Les Brünettes so special and fascinating.

lesbruenettes Künstler



20:00 – 21:30

Les Brünettes