Teresa Bergman

Teresa Bergman has traveled widely. Raised in Wellington, New Zealand, she came to Europe in 2009. After 10 years on the world's stages, the singer and composer is releasing an intensive pop-soul album with jazz and folk elements. "Apart" is a sophisticated break-up album with experimental vocal arrangements, artful guitar riffs and a sophisticated sound aesthetic. The focus is on Teresa's most important instrument: her grandiose, incredibly versatile voice.


Deutschlandfunk Kultur has already described the singer as "the greatest talent that we have discovered in the past year." Her performances are always energetic events that more than justify the advance praise of the press. "Fantastic voice, fantastic songs. Just like that. It blows you away." - wrote the FAZ.  

Teresa Bergman: a multi-talented artist with an engaging stage presence. Groovy, gorgeous, distinctive.



22:00 – 23:30

Teresa Bergman